The Bellbirds at WOMAD

The Bellbirds just got back from performing at WOMAD in Taranaki over the weekend.   As a person who is shy of crowds, I must confess that the idea of a large music festival caused me some anxiety… but… what an amazing experience it was. Here at the far end of the earth an event like Womad makes the world smaller.  A short walk around the park covered every continent.  Calexico, Ethiopiques, Lepisto and Lehti, Dub Colossus, Hypnotic Brass and Babylon Circus… all fantastic.  I was very sorry to miss Ojos de Brujos but heard they were wonderful.   And I didn’t get to experience nearly as much as I’d hoped – but I’ll be buying tickets next year and taking the family.  Anyone in Auckland who wants to catch the Bellbirds live can see us at LATE at the Auckland Museum on April 1st.

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