Niel Finn

For the past few weeks I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Neil Finn on his upcoming solo album, which is being produced by Dave Fridmann – producer of that extraordinary band, The Flaming Lips. It’s going to be a gorgeous album. The songs, the sounds and the textures are amazing (as you might expect) and I’m very proud to be involved. I’ll post more details as they come to hand.

11 thoughts on “Neil Finn – Solo Album

    1. Thanks Jamie, we had a fantastic string session at Roundhead yesterday and I’ve heard quite a few of the songs. I think the album is going to be spectacular – a real embarrassment of riches. I’m not sure what the release date is, but I’ll post it as soon as I know.

  1. Hi Victoria – I just saw you on Neil’s webcast – the new songs sound amazing and you and your “band” were awesome – I will be in London next month for the church gig – will try to say hi! Cheers J

      1. And we are excited to see you all – I will be making the 4hr trip down to the capital city – its an amazing place – but the fact that Neil is there makes it more so! Cheers J

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