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It’s happened. I have turned forty. I approached this auspicious day via quite a fantastic mid-life crisis during which I contemplated the kind of forty year old I hoped I would be when I was a kid – and then tried to live up to my own youthful expectations (I bought a leather jacket and a pair of Doc Martens)…

My young self couldn’t possibly have imagined the 6 year old daughter and 2 year old twins who were jumping on my bed when I woke up on my birthday, or the sweet husband who made me breakfast… but among the many alterations that life brings, one thing had not changed. My love of Prince. So with the help of my superlative photographer friend Adam Custins (who’s been a kindred soul since we first met as 17 year old misfits) and my dear hairdresser Nicholas Macaulay (who’s been cutting my hair for 20 years), I finally realised my dream of the ultimate dress-up.

My birthday party (for which this photo was the invitation) saw, among other things, the reunion of my very first band, Voodoo Love, performing our ancient BFM Hit Single, ‘The Man From Atlantis‘. The guitarist is now an architect. The drummer is now an event lighting manager & technician and the bass player is now a fireman!

Too much fun was had. Too much champagne. Too much noise and too much dancing. Absolutely perfect.

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