A brief indulgence…

I love cars.

There’s something about that moment where form meets function through the eye of an inspired human being – and something magical, fast, noisy, sleek and breathlessly sexy comes into the world. And though I’m more of an American classic car fan…

CAR Corvette Stingray 1963

(1963 Corvette Stingray – with a split rear window, of course… truly and absolutely the most beautiful car ever made!)

CAR - Mustang Fastback 1967

(1967 Mustang Fastback… sigh!)

…I’m prepared to stop for a moment and acknowledge a car company, much beloved of the Antipodes… Holden. And I do this, not for their cars, per se, but for their excellent taste in cellists.

May I present my dear husband, Mr Brown (ladies, you’ll see that his wedding ring is featured!) performing with Mahuia Bridgeman-Cooper (who created the quartet arrangement of this classic Hello Sailor song, Gutter Black).

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