The Almighty Johnsons / Season 3 is imminent…

Mr Sean Donnelly and I are close to finishing the music for Episode 9 of the new series.  Only 4 more to go. Without an ounce of bias - the new series is a cracker. Here's the new promo photo.

Field Punishment No.1

I've just begun composing the music for a film about Archibald Baxter's experiences as a conscientious objector during the 1st World War - 'Field Punishment No.1' - directed by Peter Burger and produced by Lippy Pictures. It is an incredible story. Baxter's circumstances are grim, but his dignity, strength of character and conviction is utterly … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1

The Bellbirds / Nelson Marchfest

Thank you Nelson, for inviting us to play at Marchfest. We really did have a fantastic time. Not least because of the wine, the weather, the location, the atmosphere, the landscape, the festival and the food... and an extremely loquacious taxi driver who took us on a tiki tour and told us the value of … Continue reading The Bellbirds / Nelson Marchfest

Toi Huarewa / Final Rehearsal

Today we had our final rehearsal, prior to the premiere of Toi Huarewa. It's been an amazing process and, as usual, I'm anticipating the performance with a mixture of excitement and terror. There really is something surreal about spending so many months immersed in a project, and then seeing all of that time and care … Continue reading Toi Huarewa / Final Rehearsal

NZTrio / Kingdom by David Downes

   I had another wonderful rehearsal with NZTrio and Horo this week, where we incorporated some of the ideas for Toi Huarewa that we talked about in February - and which have been brewing in my mind since then. Only 9 days until the premiere on the 24th. If anyone is keen to hear the … Continue reading NZTrio / Kingdom by David Downes

The Bellbirds / Nelson Marchfest

Our next performance is at Marchfest in Nelson on the 6th of April. The last time the Bellbirds played there, I was about 3 weeks away from delivering twins, so I stayed in Auckland to be on the safe side. (It was the right decision... I was the size of a house and I probably wouldn't … Continue reading The Bellbirds / Nelson Marchfest

Sola Rosa / Promise (feat. Olivier Daysoul)

  A few months ago, I teamed up again with Andrew Spraggon / Sola Rosa, to arrange strings for his new album "Low and Behold, High and Beyond" Just released... here's a video of one of my absolute favourite songs from the album - "Promise" - featuring the gorgeous vocals of Olivier Daysoul.

Toi Huarewa / The Suspended Way

I'm thrilled to announce that the phenomenal NZTrio have commissioned me to compose a 20 minute work for Piano Trio and Taonga Puoro (traditional Maori instruments). It will be premiered on the 24th of March as part of NZTrio's 'Convergence' programme at the Auckland Arts Festival, 2013. Horomona Horo (Nga Puhi / Taranaki / Ngati Porou), master practitioner … Continue reading Toi Huarewa / The Suspended Way

Neil Finn – Solo Album

For the past few weeks I've had the great pleasure of working with Neil Finn on his upcoming solo album, which is being produced by Dave Fridmann - producer of that extraordinary band, The Flaming Lips. It's going to be a gorgeous album. The songs, the sounds and the textures are amazing (as you might expect) and I'm … Continue reading Neil Finn – Solo Album