Love Will Come Round / The Bellbirds

Bellbirds Jan 13
The Bellbirds

A brief moment of nostalgia…

Malcolm Ibell, sound engineer and live mixer extraordinaire, sent me through this file that he stumbled across when he was cleaning out his hard drive recently. It’s from a live performance that The Bellbirds gave in 2013.  The song is ‘Love Will Come Round’, which I wrote a few months prior to this performance.

Playing in The Bellbirds, with Sandy Mill, Don McGlashan and Sean Donnelly – three of my most favourite and beloved musicians on the planet – was an incredible source of happiness for me. We started an album together, but things happened, children were born, lives were moved back and forth across oceans, careers transformed, and we never quite finished it. Perhaps one day.

Malcolm recorded this live at the Great Lake Festival in Taupo. The quality of the audio is a testament to his sterling work, as this mix came straight off the desk.  It makes me feel most honoured to think I shared a stage with these fine people.

Anyway, here it is…


The Bellbirds / Nelson Marchfest

Bellbirds copy

Thank you Nelson, for inviting us to play at Marchfest. We really did have a fantastic time. Not least because of the wine, the weather, the location, the atmosphere, the landscape, the festival and the food… and an extremely loquacious taxi driver who took us on a tiki tour and told us the value of every single house in the city. It was a pleasure!


The Bellbirds / Nelson Marchfest

Bellbirds Collage copy

Our next performance is at Marchfest in Nelson on the 6th of April. The last time the Bellbirds played there, I was about 3 weeks away from delivering twins, so I stayed in Auckland to be on the safe side. (It was the right decision… I was the size of a house and I probably wouldn’t have fit behind the keyboard.) So it will be wonderful to present a complete line-up this time around and we’re very much looking forward to being in such a gorgeous part of the world.

(In the absence of any new official band photos – I took these after a recent gig.)


It’s coming… any minute now… a Bellbirds Album!


Meanwhile, the Bellbirds have been working towards an album which we expect to release a little later on this year. We’ve been playing festivals and adding to our repertoire and our recordings, perhaps a little slower than we would have liked, mostly due to our busy and conflicting schedules. Don McGlashan has been touring and performing, almost entirely without a break… Sean Donnelly has released a gorgeous new album, Elastic Wasteland… and Sandy Mill has made and delivered a beautiful little baby girl.

We’re getting there though. We’ve just done some more recording at Sean’s and laid down some additional tracks. We recently performed at another LATE at Auckland Museum. And of course, this photo was taken at my 40th Birthday Party (hence, I am dressed as Prince).

New Bellbirds Shows

The Bellbirds have two festival performances coming up…  The first is at the Christchurch Arts Festival on September the 30th. The second is at the Tauranga Arts Festival on October the 26th.  Somewhere in amongst the outrageously busy lives we all seem to be leading at the moment – what with children and tours and work and other bands & projects etc – we’ve also been recording an album. It’s probably still a little way off, but I’ll post our anticipated release date as soon as we’re finished it.