APRA Silver Scrolls / Best Original Music in a Feature Film

I could not be more delighted about this! For the first time, APRA - who have presented the legendary Silver Scroll in New Zealand for 49 years, along with the more recent Maioha Award for music in Te Reo and the SOUNZ Contemporary Award for contemporary classical music - offered two awards for screen composers, Best Original … Continue reading APRA Silver Scrolls / Best Original Music in a Feature Film

Field Punishment No.1 / Screening Date

As part of the approach to the 100th anniversary of ANZAC day, 'Field Punishment No.1' has been scheduled to air on April 22nd at 8.30pm on TV One. To watch the trailer, click HERE. Wilfred Owen wrote "All a poet can do today is warn." Despite their philosophical differences, I think there were many similarities between Wilfred Owen … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1 / Screening Date

Realiti / Jonathan King

As of last week, Field Punishment Number One is finished and delivered - and as of yesterday, the final episode of The Almighty Johnsons (Season 3) is also complete. At times like these, I often find myself floating in something of an abyss... exhausted and awash with residual adrenaline from the rush towards the end. … Continue reading Realiti / Jonathan King

Field Punishment No.1 / Recording Sessions

In a furious day of recording, we gathered together an assortment of eight, fine Auckland string players to record music for Field Punishment No.1 - husband and friends among them. Andre Upston (Radio New Zealand) - who engineered the session - and I have been working together for a very long time (any musical locals … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1 / Recording Sessions

Field Punishment No.1 / Recording

"... it is the preface, by Wilfred Owen, to a volume of his poems which was to show, to England, and the intolerant world, the foolishness, unnaturalness, horror, inhumanity, and insupportability of war, and to expose, so that all could suffer and see, the heroic lies, the willingness of the old to sacrifice the young, indifference, … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1 / Recording

The Almighty Johnsons / Season 3 is imminent…

Mr Sean Donnelly and I are close to finishing the music for Episode 9 of the new series.  Only 4 more to go. Without an ounce of bias - the new series is a cracker. Here's the new promo photo.

Field Punishment No.1

I've just begun composing the music for a film about Archibald Baxter's experiences as a conscientious objector during the 1st World War - 'Field Punishment No.1' - directed by Peter Burger and produced by Lippy Pictures. It is an incredible story. Baxter's circumstances are grim, but his dignity, strength of character and conviction is utterly … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1

The Almighty Johnsons – Series 3

Rumours of its death were greatly exaggerated. The Almighty Johnsons have risen again and Sean Donnelly (who, I'm morally obliged to tell you, has just released yet another stunning album called Elastic Wasteland - which is an absolutely essential addition to any music lover's collection!) and I will be returning as the composers for the show. We … Continue reading The Almighty Johnsons – Series 3

The Hobbit Premiere

After finishing The Song of the Lonely Mountain, Neil was asked to perform a 30 minute set on the red carpet at the Wellington Premiere of The Hobbit. He assembled quite an hirsute bunch - facial hair being a pre-requisite for NZ male musicians - which included members of superlative Wellington band The Phoenix Foundation, Conan … Continue reading The Hobbit Premiere

Song Of The Lonely Mountain

Towards the end of last year, Neil Finn asked me to orchestrate the song he wrote for the closing credits of The Hobbit. It was a wonderful experience. We recorded at Abbey Road - in Studio 2 - with the London Metropolitan Orchestra. I was in Auckland, Neil was in Buffalo, the Music Supervisor (Mark … Continue reading Song Of The Lonely Mountain