Landscape Preludes / Henry Wong Doe

Rattle Records, the Wallace Arts Trust and the Victoria University Press have come together to release this wonderful recording by Henry Wong Doe of twelve Landscape Preludes by Dame Gillian Whitehead, Ross Harris, Lyell Cresswell, Gareth Farr, Dylan Lardelli, Eve de Castro Robinson, Jack Body, Samuel Holloway, Michael Norris, John Psathas, Jenny McLeod and me. Originally … Continue reading Landscape Preludes / Henry Wong Doe

NZTrio / Kingdom by David Downes

   I had another wonderful rehearsal with NZTrio and Horo this week, where we incorporated some of the ideas for Toi Huarewa that we talked about in February - and which have been brewing in my mind since then. Only 9 days until the premiere on the 24th. If anyone is keen to hear the … Continue reading NZTrio / Kingdom by David Downes

The Big Four… Oh!

It's happened. I have turned forty. I approached this auspicious day via quite a fantastic mid-life crisis during which I contemplated the kind of forty year old I hoped I would be when I was a kid - and then tried to live up to my own youthful expectations (I bought a leather jacket and … Continue reading The Big Four… Oh!

RWC Opening Ceremony 2011

So, it's now the 12th of September, the months of work that went into our 20 minute RWC Opening Ceremony have disappeared in the blink of an eye, it's all done and dusted and I'm at home listening to music that has nothing to do with the Rugby World Cup, for the first time since … Continue reading RWC Opening Ceremony 2011


Anyone looking closely at the dates of these most recent posts will notice something of a gap between Womad and The Almighty Johnsons.  Here's the reason. These little people arrived 2 weeks after we wrapped Almighty Johnsons.   Frankie (a little girl) on the left.  Fred (a little boy) on the right.