The Unusual Silence

For almost two years now I've been working on a commission for Voices New Zealand - a choral piece to commemorate the upcoming centenary of Armistice Day (11th November, 1918). The landscape of the First World War has been a bleak place to inhabit. Reading accounts and correspondences from soldiers and contemplating the unbelievable scale … Continue reading The Unusual Silence

Love Will Come Round / The Bellbirds

A brief moment of nostalgia... Malcolm Ibell, sound engineer and live mixer extraordinaire, sent me through this file that he stumbled across when he was cleaning out his hard drive recently. It's from a live performance that The Bellbirds gave in 2013.  The song is 'Love Will Come Round', which I wrote a few months prior … Continue reading Love Will Come Round / The Bellbirds

Landscape Preludes / Henry Wong Doe

Rattle Records, the Wallace Arts Trust and the Victoria University Press have come together to release this wonderful recording by Henry Wong Doe of twelve Landscape Preludes by Dame Gillian Whitehead, Ross Harris, Lyell Cresswell, Gareth Farr, Dylan Lardelli, Eve de Castro Robinson, Jack Body, Samuel Holloway, Michael Norris, John Psathas, Jenny McLeod and me. Originally … Continue reading Landscape Preludes / Henry Wong Doe

Mana Wahine / Okareka Dance Company

When I was a student at Auckland University (more than 20 years ago) our orchestra was invited to perform Vivaldi's 'Gloria' live with the Douglas Wright Dance Company at the Wellington International Festival of the Arts. One of the things I remember about that time is that there genuinely seemed to be more heroes for kids … Continue reading Mana Wahine / Okareka Dance Company

Neil Finn / ‘Recluse’ live at WFUV, New York

Here's a film of the performance that we did live to air on WFUV New York. I love this song... it's one of my favourites on the album.

Neil Finn / Dizzy Heights Showcases

I should perhaps have posted about this before I left - but there's more to talk about now  I've actually done it... I've just returned from a pretty extraordinary trip to the USA and England, showcasing Neil Finn's new album - Dizzy Heights (which can be pre-ordered here). This photo was taken by Frank Donnelly … Continue reading Neil Finn / Dizzy Heights Showcases

Field Punishment No.1 / Recording

"... it is the preface, by Wilfred Owen, to a volume of his poems which was to show, to England, and the intolerant world, the foolishness, unnaturalness, horror, inhumanity, and insupportability of war, and to expose, so that all could suffer and see, the heroic lies, the willingness of the old to sacrifice the young, indifference, … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1 / Recording

Field Punishment No.1

I've just begun composing the music for a film about Archibald Baxter's experiences as a conscientious objector during the 1st World War - 'Field Punishment No.1' - directed by Peter Burger and produced by Lippy Pictures. It is an incredible story. Baxter's circumstances are grim, but his dignity, strength of character and conviction is utterly … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1

The Bellbirds / Nelson Marchfest

Thank you Nelson, for inviting us to play at Marchfest. We really did have a fantastic time. Not least because of the wine, the weather, the location, the atmosphere, the landscape, the festival and the food... and an extremely loquacious taxi driver who took us on a tiki tour and told us the value of … Continue reading The Bellbirds / Nelson Marchfest

Toi Huarewa / Final Rehearsal

Today we had our final rehearsal, prior to the premiere of Toi Huarewa. It's been an amazing process and, as usual, I'm anticipating the performance with a mixture of excitement and terror. There really is something surreal about spending so many months immersed in a project, and then seeing all of that time and care … Continue reading Toi Huarewa / Final Rehearsal