The Last Goodbye | Hobbit Trilogy It seems like a very long time ago that this happened... but here's a link to the closing song from the Hobbit Trilogy - The Last Goodbye. It was a wonderful thing to collaborate on this song with Fran Walsh, Billy Boyd & Stephen Gallagher... I found myself doing mad and previously unimaginable things, … Continue reading The Last Goodbye | Hobbit Trilogy

Neil Finn / Dizzy Heights Showcases

I should perhaps have posted about this before I left - but there's more to talk about now  I've actually done it... I've just returned from a pretty extraordinary trip to the USA and England, showcasing Neil Finn's new album - Dizzy Heights (which can be pre-ordered here). This photo was taken by Frank Donnelly … Continue reading Neil Finn / Dizzy Heights Showcases

Sola Rosa / Promise (feat. Olivier Daysoul)

  A few months ago, I teamed up again with Andrew Spraggon / Sola Rosa, to arrange strings for his new album "Low and Behold, High and Beyond" Just released... here's a video of one of my absolute favourite songs from the album - "Promise" - featuring the gorgeous vocals of Olivier Daysoul.

Neil Finn – Solo Album

For the past few weeks I've had the great pleasure of working with Neil Finn on his upcoming solo album, which is being produced by Dave Fridmann - producer of that extraordinary band, The Flaming Lips. It's going to be a gorgeous album. The songs, the sounds and the textures are amazing (as you might expect) and I'm … Continue reading Neil Finn – Solo Album