The Unusual Silence

For almost two years now I've been working on a commission for Voices New Zealand - a choral piece to commemorate the upcoming centenary of Armistice Day (11th November, 1918). The landscape of the First World War has been a bleak place to inhabit. Reading accounts and correspondences from soldiers and contemplating the unbelievable scale … Continue reading The Unusual Silence

The Last Goodbye | Hobbit Trilogy It seems like a very long time ago that this happened... but here's a link to the closing song from the Hobbit Trilogy - The Last Goodbye. It was a wonderful thing to collaborate on this song with Fran Walsh, Billy Boyd & Stephen Gallagher... I found myself doing mad and previously unimaginable things, … Continue reading The Last Goodbye | Hobbit Trilogy

Mana Wahine / Okareka Dance Company

When I was a student at Auckland University (more than 20 years ago) our orchestra was invited to perform Vivaldi's 'Gloria' live with the Douglas Wright Dance Company at the Wellington International Festival of the Arts. One of the things I remember about that time is that there genuinely seemed to be more heroes for kids … Continue reading Mana Wahine / Okareka Dance Company

Field Punishment No.1 / Screening Date

As part of the approach to the 100th anniversary of ANZAC day, 'Field Punishment No.1' has been scheduled to air on April 22nd at 8.30pm on TV One. To watch the trailer, click HERE. Wilfred Owen wrote "All a poet can do today is warn." Despite their philosophical differences, I think there were many similarities between Wilfred Owen … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1 / Screening Date

Realiti / Jonathan King

As of last week, Field Punishment Number One is finished and delivered - and as of yesterday, the final episode of The Almighty Johnsons (Season 3) is also complete. At times like these, I often find myself floating in something of an abyss... exhausted and awash with residual adrenaline from the rush towards the end. … Continue reading Realiti / Jonathan King

Field Punishment No.1 / Recording Sessions

In a furious day of recording, we gathered together an assortment of eight, fine Auckland string players to record music for Field Punishment No.1 - husband and friends among them. Andre Upston (Radio New Zealand) - who engineered the session - and I have been working together for a very long time (any musical locals … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1 / Recording Sessions

Field Punishment No.1 / Recording

"... it is the preface, by Wilfred Owen, to a volume of his poems which was to show, to England, and the intolerant world, the foolishness, unnaturalness, horror, inhumanity, and insupportability of war, and to expose, so that all could suffer and see, the heroic lies, the willingness of the old to sacrifice the young, indifference, … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1 / Recording

The Almighty Johnsons / Season 3 is imminent…

Mr Sean Donnelly and I are close to finishing the music for Episode 9 of the new series.  Only 4 more to go. Without an ounce of bias - the new series is a cracker. Here's the new promo photo.

Field Punishment No.1

I've just begun composing the music for a film about Archibald Baxter's experiences as a conscientious objector during the 1st World War - 'Field Punishment No.1' - directed by Peter Burger and produced by Lippy Pictures. It is an incredible story. Baxter's circumstances are grim, but his dignity, strength of character and conviction is utterly … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1

Neil Finn – Solo Album

For the past few weeks I've had the great pleasure of working with Neil Finn on his upcoming solo album, which is being produced by Dave Fridmann - producer of that extraordinary band, The Flaming Lips. It's going to be a gorgeous album. The songs, the sounds and the textures are amazing (as you might expect) and I'm … Continue reading Neil Finn – Solo Album