The Almighty Johnsons – Series 3

Rumours of its death were greatly exaggerated. The Almighty Johnsons have risen again and Sean Donnelly (who, I'm morally obliged to tell you, has just released yet another stunning album called Elastic Wasteland - which is an absolutely essential addition to any music lover's collection!) and I will be returning as the composers for the show. We … Continue reading The Almighty Johnsons – Series 3

Return of The Almighty Johnsons

Since late last year, Sean Donnelly and I have been busy working on Series 2 of the Almighty Johnsons which goes to air next week on Wednesday night. Series 1 has been playing in the UK on the Sy-Fy channel (there's quite an hilarious write-up HERE). The show is great fun to work on. We're … Continue reading Return of The Almighty Johnsons

RWC Opening Ceremony 2011

So, it's now the 12th of September, the months of work that went into our 20 minute RWC Opening Ceremony have disappeared in the blink of an eye, it's all done and dusted and I'm at home listening to music that has nothing to do with the Rugby World Cup, for the first time since … Continue reading RWC Opening Ceremony 2011

Rugby World Cup 2011 – Opening Ceremony

In February this year I was appointed as the Music Director for the Opening Ceremony of the Rugby World Cup 2011.  This is by far the largest scale production I've ever been involved with.  My initial impression, that it couldn't be too dissimilar to composing and assembling music for a film, has been disproved on a … Continue reading Rugby World Cup 2011 – Opening Ceremony

All hail The Almighty Johnsons

Last year, I teamed up with fellow Bellbird, Sean Donnelly (SJD) to write music for the TV series 'The Almighty Johnsons' - a fantastic show produced by Simon Bennett for South Pacific Pictures, and written by James Griffin and Rachel Lang. We had a great time working on the show and had the luxury of spending … Continue reading All hail The Almighty Johnsons

Recording Spies & Lies

I started recording music for Spies and Lies yesterday - which has evolved into a really interesting process.  I'm using a mixture of vintage 1940's recordings and merging them with original music.  I've also written a couple of pretend jazz standards which I recorded with the marvellous Mr Kevin Fields yesterday.  Anyone outside New Zealand … Continue reading Recording Spies & Lies

Spies and Lies

I'm signing on to write the score for 'Spies and Lies', a 90 minute feature for TV One (Sunday Theatre) to be directed by Simon Bennett who brings us the magnificent 'Outrageous Fortune' - best thing on TV - and who I've worked with before on the series 'Maddigan's Quest'.  Set in 1940's New Zealand, it … Continue reading Spies and Lies