Nā Tūi Matira Ranapiri-­Ransfield
i tito i te 7 o Pipiri 2014

(here reproduced with Tui’s kind permission, first in Te Reo and then in English)

Ue Ue Waerea Waerea
Ue Ue Waerea Waerea
Ki raro i a Ranginui e tū ake nei
Waerea Waerea
Ki runga i a Papatūānuku e takoto iho nei
Waerea Waerea
Waerea Waerea
I ngā maru o wehi
Kia tū tangatanga mātika te taonga nei,
te mareikura, te puhiariki
He Atua! He Tangata! He Atua! He Amokura!
He Atua! He Tupua! He Atua! He Wahine!
Whano Whano Haramai te Toki!
Haumi e! Hui e! Tāiki e!

English Translation

Affect, Shake, Clear,
Clear Affect, Shake,
Purify, Purify
Clear that which is below Rangi who stands above
Clear that which is above Papa who lies below
Clear away the cloak of fear and awe
So that this precious vessel, woman, may stand straight, upright and free from all obstruction
(spiritual, mental, physical, environmental and emotional)
Divinity! Man! Divinity! Woman!
Divinity! Deity! Divinity! Female!
The adze goes forward
Bind this, we agree, make it firm! It is done!

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