Anne Lindberg / Sculptor

Anne Lindberg - Pink

Nothing breaks my heart with wonder like the discovery of a gorgeous new piece of art or music.

I found these online a few weeks ago and was struck dumb. Anne Lindberg makes these using Egyptian Cotton thread and staples.

Anne Lindberg - Yellow

She says “For each of the gallery/museum spaces in which I have made these color installations, I carefully studied the space and particulars of the architecture. Nuances of day light and electric light, circulation pathways, nature of the audience, proportions of the architecture, proximity to other exhibitions and materiality are among the conditions that bring forth cues to the configuration…

Anne Lindberg

…For me, each space or venue seems to hold a quality of color or contain a sense of tone, a sensibility that I choose to greet or perhaps oppose. That choice creates a personality in the work that I think is really interesting.”

Anne Lindberg 4

(Quotation taken from the Arch Daily website – “Anne Lindberg: Transforming Space With Thread” – by Irina Vinnitskaya, 31 March, 2012)

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