Kurt Vonnegut / Author

Kurt Vonnegut 2

“All persons, living and dead, are purely coincidental.”

There is simply no better way to say that. And to me, that’s the genius of it. It might seem flippant at first glance – but what a sentence. And his books are packed full of similar  short, sharp punches to the head.

Slaughterhouse Five – the first Kurt Vonnegut book I read and still one of my 2 favourite books ever to be written by anyone – was a life-changing experience for me. If you haven’t read it, it really is essential. It describes the absurdity, the hilarity, the horror and the desolation of war in such a way that its senselessness is both mourned and ridiculed with the stunned disbelief that it deserves.

“The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest.”

I envy the people who knew Kurt Vonnegut personally. I frequently imagine what it would be like to have him over for dinner and I hold him up as a hero – not just for now, but for old age, because he was as smart and incisive as an old man as he was as a young one. He clearly never stopped learning, thinking, exploring or laughing – which is what made him such an extraordinary human being, with a mind that remained full of open doors until the very last.

Everything is nothing



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