The Unusual Silence | Voices New Zealand

For almost two years now I've been working on a commission for Voices New Zealand - a choral piece to commemorate the upcoming centenary of Armistice Day (11th November, 1918). The landscape of the First World War has been a bleak place to inhabit. Reading accounts and correspondences from soldiers and contemplating the unbelievable scale … Continue reading The Unusual Silence | Voices New Zealand

The Museum Sessions | Volume

I had the great pleasure of working with Auckland Museum to create this series of four filmed performances - The Museum Sessions. This is the first content that Auckland Museum has created for its own online exhibition purposes. We selected four emerging artists. Each of them chose a song they wanted to perform and I … Continue reading The Museum Sessions | Volume

The Last Goodbye | The Hobbit It was a wonderful thing to collaborate on this song with Fran Walsh, Billy Boyd & Stephen Gallagher... I found myself doing mad and previously unimaginable things, like chatting with Howard Shore on the phone and recording (remotely) in Abbey Road Studio No.2 with Peter Cobbin and Kirsty Whalley. It's extraordinary how much work … Continue reading The Last Goodbye | The Hobbit