The Last Goodbye | The Hobbit It was a wonderful thing to collaborate on this song with Fran Walsh, Billy Boyd & Stephen Gallagher... I found myself doing mad and previously unimaginable things, like chatting with Howard Shore on the phone and recording (remotely) in Abbey Road Studio No.2 with Peter Cobbin and Kirsty Whalley. It's extraordinary how much work … Continue reading The Last Goodbye | The Hobbit

Field Punishment No.1 | Soundtrack

Field Punishment No.1 is a telefeature directed by Peter Burger and produced by Lippy Pictures, created as part of the approach to the 100th anniversary of ANZAC day. To watch the trailer, click HERE. Wilfred Owen wrote "All a poet can do today is warn." Despite their philosophical differences, I think there were many similarities between Wilfred Owen … Continue reading Field Punishment No.1 | Soundtrack