RESOUND | NZTrio Performs Sono The wonderful people at SOUNZ have just released this performance of my Piano Trio 'Sono' composed in 2000 (an eternity ago) - filmed by Chris Watson. My beloved Ashley Brown (cello) with guest musicians Stephen de Pledge (piano) and Ben Baker (violin) gave an incredibly warm and sensitive performance of this piece at a … Continue reading RESOUND | NZTrio Performs Sono

Landscape Preludes / Henry Wong Doe

Rattle Records, the Wallace Arts Trust and the Victoria University Press have come together to release this wonderful recording by Henry Wong Doe of twelve Landscape Preludes by Dame Gillian Whitehead, Ross Harris, Lyell Cresswell, Gareth Farr, Dylan Lardelli, Eve de Castro Robinson, Jack Body, Samuel Holloway, Michael Norris, John Psathas, Jenny McLeod and me. Originally … Continue reading Landscape Preludes / Henry Wong Doe