It’s been really wonderful to spend the past few months arranging and orchestrating songs for Neil Finn’s forthcoming  solo album – Out of Silence.

The entire recording process for Out Of Silence is being streamed live, every Friday in August – culminating in us all gathering to record the whole album live from start to finish this coming Friday – August 25th.

Neil has assembled a band and a choir of friends and family including Elroy Finn, Delaney Davidson, Finn Scholes, Hollie Fulbrook (Tiny Ruins), Sean Donnelly (SJD), EJ Barnes, Don McGlashan, Amelia Murray (FazerDaze), James Milne (Lawrence Arabia), Reb Fountain, Jimmy Metherell, Harper Finn, Sandy Mill and Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation).

Infinity Choir

The choir has been whipped into shape by David Squire and will perform alongside a handpicked chamber orchestra made up of the following fine people…

Violins – Andrew Beer, Liu Yi Retallick, Yuri Cho, Mark Bennett, Caroline von Bismarck, William Hanfling Violas – David Samuel, Christine Bowie Cellos – Ashley Brown, David Garner Bass – Bella Zilber Woodwinds – Kathryn Moorhead, Bede Hanley, Bridget Miles, Ingrid Hagan Brass – Emma Eden, David Kay, Doug Cross, Tim Sutton Percussion – Eric Renick

And all of the orchestral parts have been prepared with abiding enthusiasm and meticulousness by Ryan Youens.

Also working tirelessly has been a huge team of people including the remarkable producer and organiser of all things no matter how big or small… Charlotte Ryan, Neil’s manager Bill Cullen, awesome Studio Engineers Jordan Stone & Simon Gooding, Engineering Assistants Paddy Hill and Hugh, Photographer Darryl Ward and the man in charge of everything filmed and streamed… Hugh Sundae.

The first Infinity Session on August 4th resulted in the gorgeous single ‘More Than One of You’… which featured Yuri Cho on Violin and Ashley Brown on Cello.


On the 11th we recorded the rollicking ‘Second Nature’…


Now tune in on Friday the 25th of August at either Neil’s official Facebook page, or on his official YouTube channel – and watch our entire rag-tag fleet lay down all 11 songs live.

Infinity Dates


One thought on “ Neil Finn | Infinity Sessions ”

  1. These first two songs are so beautiful I can’t wait to hear the rest. I think this album is going to be huge.

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