Lockdown 2 – Tried To Wave Hello: The Music of SJD

Today is the fourth full day of our Level 4 lockdown in New Zealand. As expected, our cases of Covid-19 continue to rise exponentially and now stand at 514. There are 9 people currently in hospital, and today we are mourning our first death. I'm not actually sure what day of the week it is. … Continue reading Lockdown 2 – Tried To Wave Hello: The Music of SJD

Lockdown 1 – Goodnight Kiwi

Today is the second day of a Level 4 lock-down in New Zealand - where all non-essential services are closed and all New Zealanders not working in essential fields are quarantined in their homes. The world has suddenly become very small and very quiet due to a pandemic virus that is spreading across the globe … Continue reading Lockdown 1 – Goodnight Kiwi

RESOUND | NZTrio Performs Sono

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXYLdtqs4cg The wonderful people at SOUNZ have just released this performance of my Piano Trio 'Sono' composed in 2000 (an eternity ago) - filmed by Chris Watson. My beloved Ashley Brown (cello) with guest musicians Stephen de Pledge (piano) and Ben Baker (violin) gave an incredibly warm and sensitive performance of this piece at a … Continue reading RESOUND | NZTrio Performs Sono

The Unusual Silence

For almost two years now I've been working on a commission for Voices New Zealand - a choral piece to commemorate the upcoming centenary of Armistice Day (11th November, 1918). The landscape of the First World War has been a bleak place to inhabit. Reading accounts and correspondences from soldiers and contemplating the unbelievable scale … Continue reading The Unusual Silence

The Last Goodbye | Hobbit Trilogy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8ir8rVl2Z4 It seems like a very long time ago that this happened... but here's a link to the closing song from the Hobbit Trilogy - The Last Goodbye. It was a wonderful thing to collaborate on this song with Fran Walsh, Billy Boyd & Stephen Gallagher... I found myself doing mad and previously unimaginable things, … Continue reading The Last Goodbye | Hobbit Trilogy

Love Will Come Round / The Bellbirds

A brief moment of nostalgia... Malcolm Ibell, sound engineer and live mixer extraordinaire, sent me through this file that he stumbled across when he was cleaning out his hard drive recently. It's from a live performance that The Bellbirds gave in 2013.  The song is 'Love Will Come Round', which I wrote a few months prior … Continue reading Love Will Come Round / The Bellbirds

APRA Silver Scrolls / Best Original Music in a Feature Film

I could not be more delighted about this! For the first time, APRA - who have presented the legendary Silver Scroll in New Zealand for 49 years, along with the more recent Maioha Award for music in Te Reo and the SOUNZ Contemporary Award for contemporary classical music - offered two awards for screen composers, Best Original … Continue reading APRA Silver Scrolls / Best Original Music in a Feature Film